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Founded by Robyn and Terry Collins, Kingdom Kids was not their first attempt at bettering the lives of the locals.  When the Australian couple arrived in Thailand in 2002, they set out to do God's work and help teach English to Thai university students.


In addition, the couple opened a bakery and coffee shop to help teach life skills to these students.  Using only volunteers, Robyn and Terry brought over retired Australian workers to teach the students the basics of working in a bakery.

Unfortunately, due to government regulations, the couple was forced to shut down the shops,  which is when the two of them became registered foster parents.

They approached the local orphanage and asked what they could do to help and were given a young boy with autism to care for.  They loved that child as if it were their own, but they began to learn that this boy would probably never be adopted.


The couple took in more and more children with a variety of disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy to attention deficit problems to fetal alcohol syndrome, and their focus shifted from adoption to education.

Terry and Robyn began working towards starting their own special needs school, renting a local village house, and in 2015 they partnered with the Special Education Center of Chiang Mai, Zone 8

As the number of students increased -both KK children and children in the community with special needs- the need to have a larger facility became urgent and in October of 2016, a new facility was renovated to better suit the children.  To date, there are around 16 children who regularly attend the school.

Terry and Robyn have tirelessly put forth all of their effort into serving the Lord to help give these kids a brighter future, and you can too.

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