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Our Team


Sawat & Praew


| Girls' Home Coordinators
| Thai Instructors

Sawat & Praew run the foundation's Girls' Home, and assist in teaching with our school/kindergarten.

Sawat serves as the Foundation's Director.


Somwang & Noi

Farm Manager | Foster Parents

Somwang & Noi have been fostering with Kingdom Kids since 2011. Somwang manages the farm for Kingdom Kids where we raise a small amount of fruit, livestock, and poultry.



Thai Instructor

View serves as a full-time instructor with Kingdom Kids--helping at the school and with the kindergarten.


Micah & Sarah

Boys' Home/Intake Coordinators | Finance Manager

Micah & Sarah joined the team full-time in 2019.  Their youngest daughter was formerly a Kingdom Kid herself, which is how they met the foundation in 2013.

Micah's background is primarily in Finance/Technology, and Sarah's in Social Work.

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